One-to-One Swimming, Running, Cycling & Altitude Training

Specialists in progressive technique improvement, using an Elite Endless Pool with underwater mirrors and cutting edge video analysis using multiple GoPro cameras. Now offering Altitude Training to boost performance significantly.

Half of all Primary School children aged 5 – 11 cannot swim 25 metres

Swim Training

From learning to swim right up to county, district and national level swimmers, I use a one-to-one coaching technique in an Elite Endless Pool using visual feedback from mirrors and underwater cameras.

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Triathlon Training

One-to-one coaching achieves efficient, low energy cost freestyle which is most effective for triathlon. Facilities include brick training, swimming, cycling, running plus simulated altitude training.

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Cycle Training

Using six Wattbike Pros we can individually tailor programmes for time trialing, hill climbs and road racing. Providing road trials over a 10 mile all left turn course.

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Triathlon Training Camp – 19th – 23rd February 2018

runningYouTubeIdeal preparation for the ASA Swimming County Championships and forthcoming Triathlon Season, and fantastic pre-season training on Mount Teide for triathletes and time trialists, as used by Team Sky in 2012.

Click for video of Mt. Teide cycle ascent & training pool .
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