Altitude Training

altitude_training_individualWe are now able to provide simulated Altitude Training using The Cloud 9 Altitude Generator. This innovative system produces adjustable ‘Altitude air’ that can be fed to an altitude mask system. A pulse oximeter allows the user to measure blood saturation (effect of altitude training) and heart rate whilst training.

Including altitude training into your training programme can boost your performance significantly, knocking seconds or even minutes off your best times.

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The Program

2 Options: 8 weeks or 12 weeks

Each option starts with a testing session at an altitude of 2500m 15% oxygen, consisting of the following tests:

  1. Blood Oxygen SpO2 and Heart Rate
  2. 20 minute FTP (Functional Threshold Power) Test
  3. 4000m T.T.
  4. Blood lactate analysis

The sessions are approximately 1 hour and two athletes can train at altitude per session.


Cas Ferreira at Murcot Turn at 3500m – the equivalent of Mt Teide but no snow!